Mikey D - D.J. Trouble Lee - Dramacide cassette

Mikey D - D.J. Trouble Lee - Dramacide cassette


Mikey D - D.J. Trouble Lee - Dramacide tape is a collection of songs recorded and produced by Calvin (Trouble) Jones aka D.J. Trouble Lee during the 90’s. The tapes were rescued from the storage of the studio IronBound Sound in Newark NJ which is now closed . Where they have been stored in a time capsule there for more than 20 years . “Shame“, “Dramacide” and “J.Q.N.Y.” feature Mikey D like you’ve never heard him before as he reflects on the social issues of the times. Then, in other songs he’s in battle mode. Upset with the state of hip hop at the time with songs like “Revenge”, “Killers On Wax”, and ‘Raw to the Core”. In the songs “Hot Outside” and “Think of You” you will understand why he was also known as Playboy Mikey D.
This was a true Brooklyn & Queens connection with DJ Trouble Lee Production and Mikey D Vocals ripping the tracks that even after 20 years the friendship has kept them in touch. So when Trouble reached out to Mikey about finding the tapes and hearing them for the first time. Mikey had the idea for the song ”Back to the Future “ where his 1st verse is of Mikey D today and the 2nd verse is him 20 years younger.

This Album has been long over do and now available for you to enjoy.

Note : Tracks are edited to fit the total tape time

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